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We are a family run garden centre that is well known nationally as a specialist for bare rooted hedging plants and young trees. The Garden Centre always has a good selection of shrubs and plants which are not commonly found elsewhere, together with a wide range of the more commonly sought after plants. Established for over 50 years, the Garden Centre has recently been redeveloped to a high standard. Our shop contains the largest selection of seeds and bulbs for miles around, together with garden chemicals, tools, garden furniture and many other goods. Outside we stock peat-based and peat-free composts, paving, fencing, timber decking, garden buildings and greenhouses, and a large range of pots, statues and garden ornaments. Our aquatics centre has a good reputation for their excellent quality tropical, marine and cold water fish. The Gardeners' Retreat, our coffee shop/restaurant, serves fresh home cooked food and is an excellent way to round off any visit to the Garden Centre.

Chris’s Tips of the Month Tips for June

● Sow salad and quick-maturing vegetables such as beetroot throughout June at fortnightly intervals. This ensures a continuous harvest and minimises chances of a glut. Sow thinly to avoid unnecessary thinning later.

Prune spring-flowering shrubs, such as this Weigela, once flowering has finished so that they have sufficient time to regrow and ripen their stems ready for flowering next year.

● Move your spring bulbs to make room for bedding plants. Place the bulbs in a temporary plot and let them die back naturally. After flowering , spring bulbs carry on growing for up to 8 weeks.

● Put houseplants out in the garden for their “summer holiday”. Remember to take them back in during September before any frosts. Cymbidiums and citrus in particular benefit from the extra light and humidity outside.

Mow the lawn more often now, usually at least once a week and reduce the cutting height if the weather is not too hot.

● After the June drop of apple trees, if the apples still look too crowded thin them out to give better sized fruits that will ripen all the way round.

Keep hostas and other tender plants safe from slugs. You can get a slug killer that is not harmful to wildlife snails such as Grazers New G2 Slugs & Snails Formula or you can use beer traps, crushed egg shells or used coffee grounds.

● Runner beans may need a bit of help to start climbing. Just twist them around the poles to get them started. Provide twigs and sticks for peas to hold onto. Tie in any other plants that need supporting, such as Tomatoes.

Keep a close eye on your Roses for insects and disease. If there are any signs of your roses being attacked then take action now by treating them with a systemic insecticide/fungicide such as Rose Clear Ultra.

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