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We are a family run garden centre that is well known nationally as a specialist for bare rooted hedging plants and young trees. The Garden Centre always has a good selection of shrubs and plants which are not commonly found elsewhere, together with a wide range of the more commonly sought after plants. Established for over 50 years, the Garden Centre has recently been redeveloped to a high standard. Our shop contains the largest selection of seeds and bulbs for miles around, together with garden chemicals, tools, garden furniture and many other goods. Outside we stock peat-based and peat-free composts, paving, fencing, timber decking, garden buildings and greenhouses, and a large range of pots, statues and garden ornaments. Our aquatics centre has a good reputation for their excellent quality tropical, marine and cold water fish. The Gardeners' Retreat, our coffee shop/restaurant, serves fresh home cooked food and is an excellent way to round off any visit to the Garden Centre.

Four legged friends

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs and Cancer Detection Dogs

To find out more about the charity, please visit their website here.

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to support individuals who manage complex health conditions and have no awareness of an impending life-threatening medical event. With their amazing sense of smell our dogs are taught to identify any minute odour changes that are emitted prior to such an emergency and alert the person to take appropriate preventative action. Our dogs are also trained to get help and fetch vital medical supplies, if needed.

This early canine warning system has proved to significantly reduce the number of paramedic call-outs and hospital admissions.

As well as saving lives on a daily basis our dogs give greater independence and confidence to people and their families enabling them to lead more normal and happier lives.

Our Medical Alert Assistance Dogs currently support people with conditions including: Type 1 diabetes, Addison's disease, narcolepsy and severe allergies and we continue to investigate other health conditions which our dogs may have the ability to provide assistance.

The majority of our Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are partnered with people that, despite best management, live with unstable (brittle) Type 1 diabetes, often unaware when their blood sugar is low.

Our dogs help improve both long and short term diabetes management by helping to keep blood sugar levels within a safe range.

Having good blood sugar levels over time greatly reduces the risk of diabetic complications, such as amputations, sight loss, heart disease, strokes and renal failure.

Hypo unawareness is when a person with diabetes, is unable to notice when they have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

If left untreated this condition can be dangerous and become life-threatening.

Causes of hypo unawareness can include:

  • brittle diabetes - unpredictable, rapidly fluctuating blood sugar levels
  • some medications
  • long term diabetes
  • tightly controlled blood sugar levels

An inability to detect a hypo is common in young children and adolescents as a result of their stage of growth and development.

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