A customer has asked:

Help! My Euonymus hedge is being attacked by white scaly things, the stems and leaves are covered! What can I do?

Chris replies:

Sounds a tad worse than scale, it is more like cushion scale. This sap-sucker can cause havoc and needs to be treated quickly. There's a couple of options;- Systemic insecticides containing thiacloprid (Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer concentrate), thiamethoxam* (Westland Plant Rescue Bug Killer Ornamental Plants) or acetamiprid (Scotts Bug Clear Ultra, pictured) are absorbed into the foliage and taken in by the young scales as they feed

Alternatively, Organic pesticides, based on plant oils or extracts (Growing Success Fruit & Veg Bug Killer, Vitax Organic 2 in 1 Pest and Disease Control, Scotts Bug Clear for Fruit & Veg ) or fatty acids (Bayer Organic Pest Control, Doff Greenfly and Blackfly Killer, Doff Greenfingers Organic Pest Spray ) are contact in action. They have a short persistence and thorough application to the underside of leaves is required. More frequent applications of organic pesticides may be required to deal with the scale nymphs as they hatch. Sorted.