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We are a family run garden centre that is well known nationally as a specialist for bare rooted hedging plants and young trees. The Garden Centre always has a good selection of shrubs and plants which are not commonly found elsewhere, together with a wide range of the more commonly sought after plants. Established for over 50 years, the Garden Centre has recently been redeveloped to a high standard. Our shop contains the largest selection of seeds and bulbs for miles around, together with garden chemicals, tools, garden furniture and many other goods. Outside we stock peat-based and peat-free composts, paving, fencing, timber decking, garden buildings and greenhouses, and a large range of pots, statues and garden ornaments. Our aquatics centre has a good reputation for their excellent quality tropical, marine and cold water fish. The Gardeners' Retreat, our coffee shop/restaurant, serves fresh home cooked food and is an excellent way to round off any visit to the Garden Centre.

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Now here’s a fact; there are over 22 million gardens in the UK - that’s an area the size of Somerset. However, the size of new plots is getting smaller. Land has become expensive so builders shoe-horn in as many properties as they can into new estates. This is a double-edged sword for the many families who want to live in one of these new houses yet still want to enjoy all the benefits of a decent garden space. As we’ve seen close to the Garden Centre in Buckingham there has been a major housing boom - over 700  new homes  - and for most people their dream is to create a garden space, which includes flower borders, a lawn or artificial option, a small tree, a deck or paved area for entertaining and an area to stage your BBQ, table and chairs.  This can be a challenge in any garden but don’t worry we are here to help! Our gardens also come into their own when it comes to wildlife. Offering a refuge for our garden wildlife has never been so important. The declining numbers of honeybees and butterflies have fuelled  a large interest in plant species that encourage and provide nectar to both insects. So, if you are planning to add some new plants over the busy spring planting period, do spare a thought for our fluttering and buzzing companions. We gardeners are definitely doing our bit for the plight of the honeybee, certainly more than the farmers, who rightly or wrongly, have removed masses of hedges.

Many of the popular Daisy family make excellent pollen rich recruits to add to the garden, so if you are planning to establish Aster, Gaillardia or Helenium, put these on your shopping list. By buying a few you will be helping the charity, Medical Detection Dogs, as this year we are giving  10p from the sale of each plant to them.

Enjoy your spring garden - whatever the weather!   

Chris Day from Buckingham Garden Centre
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